Healthy Diet in Old Age

Aging brings up a lot of changes into a human body. Calorie needs drops and metabolism starts to slow down. Nutritional needs increases as the body absorbs them less efficiently. Therefore older people should follow a healthy nutritious diet and try to remain physically active to prevent common old age diseases like diabetes and heart disease.


Older people tend to develop constipation and bowel problems. To prevent this, their diet should include fiber rich foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grain products. It is also important to drink lots of fluids which can be in any form like tea, coffee, juice or soup.


A healthy diet at old age must include milk and diary products which are sources of calcium to prevent Osteoporosis or Weakening of bones. Another essential mineral for the body is zinc which helps the immune system. Zinc can be obtained from meat and pulses.


Due to the body's inefficiency to absorb and retain nutrients people at old age are often deficient in Vitamins A, C, D E and B12. Fruit and vegetables provide Vitamin A and C. Oily fish like mackeral and sardines contain Vitamin E. Vitamin D can be obtained from sunlight. The lack of Vitamin B12 results in reduced mental capacity and neurological disorders. Meat, dairy and eggs contain vitamin B12 and must be included in the diet.